Villa Family consists of three floors;

ground floor, first floor and second floor.


The villa is set within a beautifully landscaped spacious garden abounding with Mediterranean plants, intertwining stone pathways and spacious sunny terraces. The Villa boasts an outdoor pool located in the centre of the garden beside which is also the traditional Dalmatian-style konoba (tavern).


Traditional Dalmatian-style konoba (tavern), where one can take pleasure in the late evening hours relaxing with a glass of wine and grilled fish, enjoying the picturesque view over Trogir and Kaštelanski zaljev (Kastel Bay)

1st floor - Apartment 1

The apartment is fully air-conditioned and equipped with modern furniture and high-end technology

2nd floor - Apartment 2

The first and second floor of the villa are connected by external stairs leading to the 2-storey apartments.

2nd floor kat - Apartment 3

One of the apartments opens onto a 17-m2-balcony, while the other apartment extends out onto a 24-m2-terrace.

Ground floor - Room 1

Each apartment contains a modern and fully equipped kitchen, dining- and living-room with comfortable sofas and excellent audio-visual equipment.